Michael C. Hall: "Maybe There Is Someone Who'll Suspect Dexter This Season"

Michael C. Hall recently spoke to Snakkle.com at a Television Critics Association gathering about the upcoming season of Showtime’s megahit. We found out that although Dexter will still be searching for justice with his Dark Passenger, the one thing he won’t be seeking is romance.

In the last two seasons, not only has Dexter lost his wife Rita in a horrific fashion, but then his soul mate Lumen picked up and left town. What kind of emotional turmoil will Dexter experience in season 6?

Michael C. Hall: Well, I think that in one way or another we can expect that some window into humanity will be opened in spite of what Dexter would prefer. But I think he’s unplugged from any conscious appetite for romantic connection at this point.

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Which guest star—Mos Def, Colin Hanks, or Edward James Olmos—do you have the most time on screen with this season?

Hall: Well, we’re halfway through shooting this season, so when all is said and done, the percentages may be different, but the first person Dexter encounters is Mos’s character, Brother Sam. But he will interact with all three.

How will your relationship change with Astor and Cody this season? It seems to be a bit repaired.

Hall: I think it’s repaired and there’s been some healing there. But they still live with the grandparents. Dexter carries them with him, but they’re not living with him during the sixth season.

It seems like Detective Quinn is really the only person who feels like something is not right with Dexter—but no one seems to listen to him. Is there someone this season who will suspect Dexter and amp up the tension?

Hall: Maybe…

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  1. Has anyone suspected that Quinn will be the one that finds out about Dexter? and that he will have to grapple with weither or not he should tell Deb or try to protect Dex.

  2. I've been thinking the same thing as the 1st Anonymous. Quinn finding out would certainly shake up his relationship with Deb.

  3. bring back dokes I say :P

  4. We just went down the 'Quinn suspects something' path in season 5 and Dexter got him out of a tight spot, would we really go there again?

  5. If they want to have someone in the know I would say it would be Batista's sister who will see something suspicious. Maybe they'll end the season or lead up to the finale with her telling Batista.

    Even though I know a lot of people want Deb to find out, I've always thought it should be Batista. While still a flawed character, he is very genuine and true. If anything I want to see his reaction as much as Deb's - if not more so. He seems to value Dexter as a close friend.

  6. To the 4th Anon: The entire show we've dealt with people suspecting something dark in Dexter! Doakes (1-2) Miguel (3) and now Quinn (4-5). SUSPECTING something and ACTUALLY finding out are 2 different things. Also, since he is in so deep with Deb, he will have to consider her when he goes to tell or not tell, also it can deal with weither Quinn will simply hold it over his head (via blackmail) or remember that Dex has helped him out and return the favor.

  7. It would be wise for Quinn to back off completely, everyone who has found out (except Lumen) ended up dead and Quinn isn't exactly close with Dexter like Deb is.

  8. it has to be Vince! it would be interesting to see how he would handle it.

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