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When Showtime's Dexter returns October 2, Dexter's dual personas as daddy and serial killer will exist side by side after he moves back to his old apartment complex. Read more after the jump...

In addition to his original space with the air-conditioner where he stores his victims' blood samples (every home should have one), Dex has also moved into the adjoining apartment, a more colorful dwelling for toddler Harrison.

"Harrison's got the sweetest apartment of any 2-year-old I've ever known," says Michael C. Hall. "It's a swinging pastel pad with a lot of toys."

Executive producer Sara Colleton explains that with a doorway connecting the units, Dexter "can easily slip in and out" without being caught by Harrison's nanny, psychology student Jamie (Aimee Garcia). Or so he hopes....

Source: TV Guide

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  1. What happen to Harrisons nanny(From tutors), why did you bring in a new nanny ??

  2. They wanted to get rid of all the minor cast cause of how unpleased everybody was with season 5 as a whole.

  3. Cody and Astor missing or only in minor roles again this season then. A mistake, IMHO.

  4. I have the biggest crush on Cody so he'd better show his face!! :D

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