Latest from Watch with Kristin - Episode 6.03 Spoilers

Latest from E!Online. Click the link below if you want to read spoilers about Dexter's target on episode 6.03 "Smokey and the Bandit"...

dextergrblog: Do you have any news about Dexter season six?
Dexter's target in episode three is probably gonna be a dude named Bill Kinney who's the local jackhole at his retirement village. The 70something blue-collar guy is "the kind of person you avoid running in to." We don't want to prejudge anybody, but if he's the villain we think he is, well…#killdexterkill

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  1. waiting eagerly for the kills

  2. don't buy that, I have a theory, involving a family who run a nursing home and just kill off the patients..

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