POLL: Which was your Favorite Season Finale Episode?

Sunday Poll: Which is your favorite 12th (Season Finale) episode of a season? Vote below!

Season 1 Episode 12: Dexter Kills His Brother. Dexter's loyalties are put to the test as he follows clues that the Ice Truck Killer leaves for him. But as Dexter goes on the hunt, he wonders just how deep he will have to go down the Ice Truck Killer's dark and demented path. Doakes, still thinking that Dexter may be the Ice Truck Killer, uses questionable methods to stop Dexter from his hunt for the Ice Truck Killer. Meanwhile, as Dexter remains unavailable to Rita, her ex-husband, Paul, tries to convince her that Dexter is a very dangerous man to have around their children.

Season 2 Episode 12: Dexter Kills Lila, Bay Harbor Butcher Case Solved. Season two concludes as Lundy and the FBI settle the case of the Bay Harbor Butcher once and for all. But the heat's not entirely off Dexter as his world literally becomes an inferno. Lila makes a shocking discovery about Dexter and takes advantage of it in a desperate ploy to win him back - or rather, force him back.

Season 3 Episode 12: Dexter and Rita's Wedding. With Miguel out of the picture, Dexter's focus shifts to calming his emotionally unstable brother, Ramon. Upon easing Ramon's concerns, Dexter can finally breathe again. All that stands before him now is his wedding with Rita... until he's met with yet another deadly surprise. Meanwhile, Debra's informed by Batista that she is going to receive her Detective's shield, but is instantly blindsided with information that could potentially derail her promotion.

Season 4 Episode 12: Dexter Kills Arthur - Rita Dies. Dexter is obsessed with getting the Trinity Killer himself, especially after Arthur has tracked him to Metro Homicide and learns his real identity. Dexter realizes the threat to his family and with the older stepchildren off with their grandparents, he convinces Rita to take Harrison to the Keys where he will join them later for a weekend honeymoon. His first attempt to take care of Arthur goes awry when as a result of a traffic accident, he finds himself in jail for leaving the scene. His second attempt is more successful, but his obsession to kill Arthur comes with a price. Meanwhile, no one can quite understand why Debra is still at work given what happened to Christine Hill, but when the FBI takes over the Trinity Killer case, she refocuses on learning more about her father and his relationship with his confidential informants. Debra finally learns about how her father came to adopt Dexter. Also, Laguerta and Batista now have to decide what to do next in their relationship.

Season 5 Episode 12: Lumen Leaves - Harrison's Birthday Party. Just as Dexter is about to set off find Jordan Chase, his entire family arrives having decided to travel down from Orlando to celebrate Harrison's birthday in Miami. Cody and Astor have something special to ask him. Having managed to extricate himself from any family obligations from the day, he arrives at the station to learn that Liddy's body has been found and the entire squad is assigned to working on the case. Things quickly deteriorate for Joey Quinn who is taken into custody after they find Liddy's phone and see that Quinn was frequently called on the day he died. Jordan Chase has not yet killed Lumen as he wants to trap Dexter as well and eliminate both of them. Dexter manages to trace Chase to his lair leading to the inevitable confrontation. In the end Dexter, Lumen and Debra will all have choices to make and not everyone will be happy or content with the choices they make.

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  1. Easily season one "Born free"

  2. Season 4 Death of Rita and Harrisson on blood

  3. "The British Invasion" I love how it all comes together in the end, with Doakes 'being the Bay Harbor Butcher'

  4. For me it is season 4s finale. the thrill and the ending, wow!

    and now, best season!

    Season 1 is best season of the serie overall. But in a episodic way, season 4 is best.

  5. I've voted for Season 4 Finale 'cause season 4 is the best of the show so far (with the only permission of Season 1 of course) And the Season 4 finale changed many many things while making Dex going back to his roots too. It was sucha a perfect move.

  6. Season 4 Death of Rita...

  7. I voted for the getaway

  8. I voted for Season 4 finale. I like the sinister sound of Dexter's thoughts and how the scene reminds me that Dexter doesn't have to stop because he has a new disciple, his own son. They were both born in blood.

  9. Season 4 of course!! The death of Rita!!!!:(:(

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