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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Latest from Ausiello - Dexter Season Six Scoop

Latest from TVLine's Ausiello. Click the link below to read scoop about the forthcoming 6th season of Dexter...

Question: Any news about Dexter? —John
Ausiello: We may be looking at a time jump between Seasons 5 and 6. Examine the evidence: Producers are casting the recurring role of an elementary school teacher. When Season 5 ended, Dex and Rita’s son Harrison wasn’t even close to pre-school age. See where I’m going with this?



  1. Maybe, but Rita's son would be in elementary school. I understood that they were back with Dexter? Either way it will be good :) Jesse

  2. Michael C.Hall had mentioned a jump in time in an interview 2-3 months ago (while promoting his film "Peep World". Not much of a scoop.

  3. Just bring on season 6 already sick of waitin!!!!! :)

  4. Does anybody know when the Season Premier will be?? Getting very excited about it.

  5. man...dexter is so complicated...intriguing...i can relate to him