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Monday, May 2, 2011

Dexter Season 6 Spoilers - Latest from TV Guide

2 days ago we posted Dexter Season 6 scoop about three new main characters. Click the link below to read more spesific details about these new characters...!

"Rita, we hardly knew ya. As Showtime's Dexter gears up for a sixth season of carnage, it seems Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) may be getting a love interest to help heal the loss of his murdered wife. The series is on the lookout for a gorgeous twentysomething Latina who will play a character named Jamie. Jamie is a student of Cuban decent who relocates to Miami to attend grad school. Her over-the-top, positive energy is just what Dexter needs.

There will also be a healthy dose of male energy coming to the precinct in the form of "Chicago Mike," a black homicide detective who is described as tough and stylish. He's not thrilled about having left Chicago for Miami, where his wife has found employment. Expect him to clash with the established team, including Debra (Jennifer Carpenter).

And the lab will be welcoming a new thirtysomething intern named Louis Greene, who buddies up to Masuka (C.S. Lee). A genius on the computer, he doesn't have a problem showing off his intellect.

Excited for Season 6? And are you ready to see Dexter love again? What does this means about Lumen?


  1. this is gonna be REAL FUN!
    im already excited about it :D

  2. No, Dexter should stay single for awhile. I think it would be ridiculous if they put him in yet another relationship. Especially since this Jamie would be much too young for Dexter. Dexter is 40. I don't want him getting involved with someone in their early twenties.

  3. i want lumen back [2] NOOOO! I already hate this Jamie person. Dexter is Lumen's!
    I liked Rita, they killed Rita, I LOVED Lumen, she ran away. FUCK! Lumen was the perfect match for Dexter.
    I'm hoping that this Jamie person will turn out to be just like Lila, this way she won't be sticking around.

  4. thank god lumen is not back yet. she single handedly made season 5 the worst dexter season ever. even miguel prado was better.