Julia Stiles to star in "Seconds of Happiness"

Julia Stiles is about to star on a new movie named Seconds of Happiness. The frame of the narrative takes place on an airplane and examines the interconnecting lives of various passengers through vignettes. Clearly, this will be just like Lost.
That maybe means that Julia is not coming back for the sixth season of Dexter.

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  1. Hey, 'Seconds of Happiness' isn't a show, it is a movie also starring Christina Hendricks from Mad Men. And there are several people sayin' that Julia will indeed be back for the 6th season of Dexter.

  2. if it was a tv show, the pilot probably wouldn't get picked up anyway.

  3. it is indeed a film and according to imdb it's called "Seconds of Pleasure" not "Seconds of Happiness"

  4. No reason why it should be like Lost at all. And it's directed by Mike Figgis no less!

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