Prediction POLL: What's gonna happen to Lumen?

The ''Big One" Season Finale of Dexter is almost there. Predict: What is going to happen to Lumen? Vote below!

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  1. I think she will die.I don't want this to happen but I believe this is how it will end,but it want be by Dexter.

  2. She's going to die. All those close to Dexter will die in the end. That will be his torment and his punishment for doingthe deeds he does. Though we all love Dex, and we all secretly cheer when he falls the bad guy, I think that in the "end/end", instead of being caught, he will have lost everyone in his life he ever cared for, as God's ultimate punishment for his warped morality....
    Don't get me wrong - I LOVE Dexter - and I want nothing but good for him!!

  3. Deb Catches Lumen in the act..."Vigilanty" gets a Name*..... Lumen gets *Critically* Wounded (The CliffHanger).......Jordan gets Murdered (By Lumen.... Orr* Deb)...Possible 1 or 2 more episodes for Lumen Next Season (IF*?? she makes it to the End of the show.....;)
    ~ Ree Jay @facebook ~

  4. It would be too predictable for her to get killed and frankly I think it would be f*cked of the writers to do this to Dexter- he finally gets the woman of his dreams and she dies two episodes later? After we had to endure Rita for 4 seasons? She was so wrong for him and Lumen is soooo right. If you love Dexter's character you will want her to live and people do. So I think it would be stupid if they killed her now and also boring because it's what everyone is expecting to happen.

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