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Latest from Watch with Kristin. Sara Colleton on E! Online. Good news, Dexter fans. You can cancel that Monday morning appointment with your therapist! While last year's horrific (sob, Rita!) season finale left us in a serious emotional downward spiral, Dexter executive producer Sara Colleton promises things will be different this Sunday. So will Lumen (Julia Stiles) stick around for another year? Is she Dexter's soul mate? Could Quinn and Deb actually make it? And wait a minute, what's this about Michael C. Hall doing Glee? Sara tackles these questions and more after the jump...

Last season Jennifer Carpenter (Deb) told us we'd need therapy after the finale and she was so right! Please tell me it won't be the same this year.
You won't need therapy this time. The finale is actually quite therapeutic. It's like therapy in and of itself.

Phew. What else can we can expect on Sunday?
This season Dexter's journey was atonement. So the big question is, will he be at peace with himself? Is that possible? Is it possible he has found a soul mate? There are a lot of questions that have been raised by this year that are still coins still tossing and turning in the air and they all will come down Sunday night.

A lot of fans are asking, Will Julia Stiles be back for season six? Will all of the main cast members return? What can you tell us?
I can tell you that many different people's storylines are still up in the air. Quinn has been a thorn in Dexter's side all season long. Will that blood stain on his shoe be discovered and think about it, who does the blood work for Miami PD? So there a lot of fates that are still possibilities.

What was the reason for Lumen this season? And why was Julia right for the role?
We knew we needed someone who had both the rare combination of strength and vulnerabilty. Now as we see she's gone from victim to avenging angel. And the irony is that Dexter's into one of these things where he's not aware of why he's helping her. And of course the audience is thinking, she's a blonde woman, a damsel in distress and you weren't there for your wife so you're going to try to make it better by helping Lumen. But in the course of trying to help her, the thing has happened that Dexter never thought would. He's contemplating for the first time...Is it possible that there is such a thing as a soul mate? Is it possible that I, Dexter Morgan, could have a soul mate?

So is Lumen a soul mate for Dexter? Will they grow old together sharing romantic walks on the beach, and plastic sheeting and carving knives?
[Laughs.] I can tell you this thing with Lumen is an extraordinary thing for Dexter to be experiencing. The only person who was ever close to Dexter and who made him was Harry, and when Harry actually saw Dexter taking care of business so to speak, his first reaction was nausea, throwing up in the corner, and then he ended up killing himself because he couldn't deal with the guilt of what he had created. And so Dexter carries that guilt in shame. And one of the things I've always thought that is something that binds Dexter to the audience is that we all have this feeling of wanting to be known and we all are terrified that if someone actually saw the real true us, they might just run in the opposite direction. So he's been forced because of his need of atonement to to expose himself and to atone himself to Lumen.

Randy Tepper/Showtime
Talk about Deb and Quinn ...Why must you always torture her?! That poor girl is so unlucky in love!
Very unlucky but I have to say Deb has changed this year and so has Quinn. In the last episode you see his character as being a redeemable man and a man worthy of Deb's love, in a way that is really satisfying. Desmond has done such a terrific job with his character and you've really seen him stepping up and becoming Deb-worthy.

Are there a lot of Deb-Quinn fans in the writers' room? Do you think they have what it takes as characters to be together long term?
It started out for all the wrong reasons but then it evolved into something genuine where they both had to change and they both had to expose their vulnerability. So yes, I think at this juncture they have what it takes to be very good together. But you know, fate often intervenes...

Did you see Michael singing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon? When will we get the Dexter musical?
I did! I had dinner with him last night and I told him I thought that was so charming! I don't know that we'll ever get the Dexter musical but I'm always so astonished when I see him in a format like that because Michael Hall has such skills as an actor that it's astonishing, his range. He could have a huge, huge career as a Broadway song and dance person.

Would you let him do Glee? He said he's up for it.
Oh, I think it would be a hoot! We wouldn't let him do it as Dexter Morgan but I would love to see him on there. He'd be a natural.

Should we start the MCH Glee campaign now or after Sunday's finale? Would he not be perfect as one of Rachel's dads?

Make sure you check back here after Sunday night's finale for more scoop from Sara on what lies ahead.

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