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Latest from Entertainment Weekly. Click the link below to read spoilers for the season finale episode of Dexter, 5.12 "The Big One"...

dBoyfromOz asks: Any scoop on the Dexter finale?
Sgt. Batista’s on-the-rocks marriage with LaGuerta won’t get any better before the end of the season — but that doesn’t mean the marriage is hopeless, either. David Zayas told me this week at a LAByrinth Theater Company’s annual celebrity charades fundraiser in New York that the couple’s season-long troubles aren’t necessarily a sign of a breakup. “It never gets resolved. Marriages don’t get resolved. It’s a journey,” he said. “There probably won’t be a definite answer to that question in the season finale, but we’ll be back.” Yes. they will!

Lisa B. asks: You were such a tease on the Dexter spoilers last week! I want to know if Julia Stiles’ character is going to return next season, and if Deb is going to find out about Dexter’s “dark passenger” this season.
Everyone has been tight-lipped regarding the Dexter finale — but luckily, the same can’t be said for star Michael C. Hall. While presenting a “Dexter-esque” playlist on New York’s 101.0 RXP, the actor seemingly spilled a huge spoiler by saying fans should pay “special attention” to one of his picks, Bob Dylan’s “I’ll Keep It With Mine,” before watching the finale. Among the lyrics to this song that so-perfectly describes Dexter and Lumen: “The train leaves at half past 10/ But it’ll be back tomorrow same time again./ The conductor, he’s weary, still stuck on the line./ But if I can save you any time/ Come on, give it to me. I’ll keep it with mine.” Train = literal? Train = escape? Train = metaphor for killing? Okay, clearly I’m not a lyric-interpreting genius by any means, so I’m taking your guesses in comments!

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