Dexter Season 5 Finale - Predictions

The Season Finale is closer than ever. What will happen on episode 5.12 "The Big One"? Who's gonna die? Will Debra learn the truth about Dexter? Post your predictions here, or in our fan page on Facebook. More after the jump...

Thanks to Sarah for posting these. These are only predictions and nothing else.
"With Liddy’s body just rotting away in that van, it was only going to be so long before Miami’s finest storm in with a murder investigation. At this point, you KNOW Quinn (Desmond Harrington) is aware that Dexter (Michael C Hall) silenced the man who was hot on his trail and Dex knows the detective will have deduced it was him as well.

This will lead, we believe, into a very special relationship between the two men. Quinn wants to be with Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) and he will be willing to overlook the death of the relentless Liddy who was standing in the way of his happiness. Dexter, the blood splatter analyst, can make this little problem go away but at what cost?

Can Joey keep a secret that big?

Now the biggie of the night, does Lumen (Julia Stiles) make it out alive? Up until now, I have been adamant that Lumen will have to die. But now I think she will definitely make it out alive and not only that, but we feel she might even have the honor of killing Jordan Chase (Jonny Lee Miller)!

We toyed with the idea that Lumen would be so upset after going back to the scene of the crime with her abuser that it would lead her back to a dark place. Could suicide be in her future? Not sure as it was done last season with Trinity’s daughter Christine, but of course anything is possible. So let’s leave this option as a huge “WHAT IF” especially since we have decided she will live.

So to get back on track, Dexter finds Lumen just in the knick of time and sooner or later the bad guy must die. Not sure who will get the honor but that preview of Dexter and the knife promises lots of bloody action.

As far as Dexter’s sister Deb finding out the truth is concerned, the time has not yet arrived. We spoke with executive producer Sarah Colleton during Comic Con and my understanding was that she felt it was not time yet either. So the previews might show some editing magic to get you to think she does but I firmly believe this is not so, not yet.

As it has been stated, Colleton says this season was about redemption. Deb discovering her closest friend and beloved family member is a killer will have to be reveled in the future. It’s possibly the only thing that could get close to topping the big “Rita” reveal.

So to wrap this up neatly in a bow, Lumen makes it out alive somehow and Emily Birsch goes down as #13. So then who would be Mr. Vigilante that was helping her along? None other than our friend Stan Liddy of course.

This leaves Quinn and Dexter in the clear and all Ms. Lumen has to do is skip down and all will be forgotten. All except their intense chemistry so I gotta leave the juicy bits to be worked out by the fabulous writers."


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  1. OMG! I can only hope it works out that way. It's hours to go before I can watch it and already my heart is beating fast!

  2. Fuck the shit. I can only watch it on Monday... :/

  3. i reckon that this season finale will be equally as dramatic as last season but just in a diffrent kinda way. i hope that lueman doesnt get killed........i dont think so........dexter needs someone to love and someone to love him, in there wierd kinda way.

  4. i think the finale will be a major let down... with lumen getting away to live happily ever after and deb not finding out a thing bout dex..bring on season 6!!!!

  5. mark my words ... BATISTA IS GOING TO FIND OUT DEXTER IS A KILLER ...season finale...boom

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