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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Latest from Kristin - Season 5 Scoop & Dexter Season 6

Latest from TV Guide's, watch with Kristin. Click the link below if you want to read spoilers from Season 5, and something about Season 6.

Sadie: Any Dexter scoop? Will it get good again?
A little birdie told me they have another "doozy" planned for the end of the season—the kind that will have everyone talking, á la the bathtub. My source told me it's a good payoff and then I couldn't really hear anything above the buzzing in my ears. Be forewarned.

Penny: Dexter. Now. Please.
We know you're probably a little freaked after the end of last night's episode—ya know, because Peter Weller's corrupt cop Liddy saw Dex and Lumen dump a body! But fret not...yet...because Quinn is falling pretty hard for Deb and is going to make sure he takes care of her. And Dexter might just catch on to the fact that someone is on to him for a change.

Day: Is Julia Stiles' Dexter character only set to appear in one season, or is there a possibility of her sticking around in the future?
Sorry, but it's just too soon to reveal something that juicy. If we told you that, it may ruin the rest of the season...What we can say is that Julia Stiles is in every one of the season's remaining episodes and plays a pivotal part in Dexter's life up until the very end. So stay tuned for now, and as the season nears its end, the answer to your question will become a little clearer.

@Dexdeb (via Twitter): Is Dexter is signed for a season six?
Dexter boss Chip Johannesson tells us that "there's no official word," but with the end of season five upon us, expect an announcement from Showtime sometime soon. And if Dexter does receive a sixth season, as expected, Chip says the format of this season (á la no big bad) would likely change. "Season six would definitely not look like it did this year because the events are all different," the show runner explains.

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  1. will lumen still be on season six? PLEASEEEEEE LET HER BE!!!!!! SHE'S A HUGE PART IN HIS LIFE NOW THAT THEY HAD SEX