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@silviaPRT wants some Dexter scoop, and since we aim to please: Dexter’s step-children Astor and Cody have been MIA since episode 2, but pre-teen Astor makes her return in this week’s episode — though you likely won’t recognize her when she walks in looking like she’s working undercover in a vice case. Elsewhere, (in a bit of scoop for @Dansteele) LaGuerta and Batista continue to butt heads and this time it’s over a case she refuses to reopen after Deb discovers new evidence. On the Lumen front, if you’ve been sensing romantic vibes from the couple like @jillemader has, calm yourself! The real couple making major moves here is Deb and Quinn. Can you say love? Because one of them certainly can. Someone else who’s doing a lot of talking these days? The linguistically gifted baby Harrison, who says “Mama” for the first time. Guess who he says it to…

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