Dexter Predictions - Five people who might die by season end

Thanks to Mark for the heads up.
"This season of Dexter has been quite different from previous season for many reasons. The biggest change has been that there was not just one big bad guy meeting his end on the serial killers kill room.
After season four wrapped with the tragic murder of Rita Morgan, there was no way the story could just pick up as if nothing. There was going to have to be a gradual segue into “normalcy” which I feel the writers handled beautifully. Don’t get me wrong, I had tiny doubts along the way but when I look at the big picture, everything was calculated and necessary.
With only three episodes left, you KNOW more people will die, but who? We have picked out the people most probable to lose their life and why.

1. Pictured above is our boy Dexter and Stan Liddy (Peter Weller). The Miami Metro blood splatter analyst finally gets to meet the shadow that has been following him around thanks to our good friend Detective Quinn. (More on him later!)
In episode ten, the two will finally come face to face but does Dexter find out about his extracurricular activities? If he does, could this mean an end for the corrupt former cop?

2. Speaking of Quinn, he has been on our radar as a potential victim since he started to sniff around the Trinity Killer case and suspecting Dexter was Kyle Butler. (which he obviously was but that is a whole other story) As a result of his curiosity, he hired Liddy who has opted to go rogue now that Quinn wants to stop the investigation.
Deb sure does have bad luck in love, so could this mean her new beau could end up like her ex Lundy?

3. While there has been more than one bad guy this season, all the ones that have come and gone thus far have been leading up to the biggest baddy of them all. We all KNOW what happens to those types every season, so Chase is a HUGE contender for a meeting with Dexter’s dark passenger.
I am fairly certain Jordan Chase will have to be taken down but not without a fight (and maybe a victim or two).
No matter what, we thank Showtime for bringing the gorgeous and talented Jonny Lee Miller around for season five.

4. Oh Lumen, we are so sorry for not understanding you at first. Who knew you weren’t some Miguel Prado wanna-be and were really meant to help Dexter transition from grieving husband back to “normal” serial killer.
You have evolved and now we kinda like you. Sadly we have not heard any casting news saying you have been hired as a series regular though it could be under wraps until the finale. Plus it has been said more than once that Dexter is not meant to have it all so its not looking too good for you.

5. WILDCARD For my wild card I’m going to pick the sweet, Irish nanny Sonia. While highly unlikely, she could end up as collateral damage if she ends up protecting baby Harrison from a bad guy. She has made a huge difference in Dexter and his son’s life and we hope to see her around next season.
We hated seeing her die during The Tudors and we want Maria Doyle Kennedy to remain on Showtime.
Who do you think are potential deaths for the season finale? Make sure to watch episode ten entitled, In the Beginning when it airs this Sunday on Showtime, which in my opinion is one of the best of the entire season."


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  1. I pretty much totally agree with your precdictions. I also think Maria and Angel will be done too.

  2. Season 5 Finale prediction....

    - Quinn accidentally kills Liddy, discovers Dexter's killings and becomes a potential ally

    - Jordan Chase murders Sonya and kidnaps baby Harrison

    - Lumen kills Jordan Chase but is caught and arrested

    - Angel and Maria get a divorce

  3. I agree with all these predictions! Quinn has always fascinated me, what is in his past? We know he's a "dirty" cop to some extent, but I do think his head's in the game. Now, I believe he has fallen in love with Debs and wants to "back-off" but his buddy's not going to let him. Quinn also has Dexter to contend with, is Dexter going to validate Deb's love and over-look Quinn's inquisitiveness? AND, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE LAST SEASON??? Is Dexter returning?

  4. Lumen is definetaly going down for all the murders to cover up for Dexter.

    Quinn will find out about Dexter and Deb will kill Quinn to protect her brother.

  5. Would it be possible that the last episode ends where Jordan chase kidnaps harrison and then its over till next season?

  6. I really hope they don't end with a kidnapping, that would be way too much like the SOA season 2 finale. I actually kind of think Lumen will survive and that Dexter and Lumen will kill Jordan together holding the knife. But Quinns definitely going to find out in tonights episode but I think he's going to end up needing Dexter for something.

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