Dexter - Best Masuka Quotes so far this Season!

We are in the middle of season 5, and we already have many funny quotes from Vincent Masuka. Click the link below to read  the best quotes of Masuka so far this season!

''I've imagined her naked plenty times, but never like this.'' 5.01

''True warriors are humble men.'' 5.03

''This man is a knight in shining armor. You should be polishing his lance. I meant that metaphorically - not how it sounded.'' 5.03

''Damn. Don't people just shoot each other any more?'' 5.03

''Another Head? And I Was in such a good mood.'' 5.03

''It's 2010 who smokes?'' 5.04

''Oh good to have you back, you know in a supporting role, assisting me.'' 5.04

''You on the other hand have been getting down mouth and dirty with the hottest potty mouth in the south. Now I appreciate you taking preventative measures so as not to pass on whatever sick scurvy you may carry. on to her. I'm willing to share, all you have to do is ask!'' 5.04

''Justin Bieber... not that I know who that is...''

Masuka: We all have our own ways of expressing ourselves. I have my ink, and you have your man boots. 5.05

Masuka: I have two words: autoerotic mummification 5.06

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  1. That Mazuka's a genius... LOL all the time... "...not how it sounded..."

  2. best Masuka quote '' Science is a cold hearted bitch with a 14 inch strap on

  3. Lila: I like to celebrate little things in life
    Vince Masuka: If you like little things, I am your man... I mean, I'm not little everywhere. In some places I'm just perfectly average

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