HBO picks up new series from 'Dexter' writer

Former "Dexter" showrunner Clyde Phillips is back and ready to get more blood on his hands. After winning a bidding war among cable networks, HBO has confirmed that it's picking up a new crime drama from Phillips and Lionsgate TV.
Based on the Israeli series "The Naked Truth," the show takes place in a major East Coast precinct, where police officers are investigating the disappearance of a teenage girl from a prominant family. The story will explore how this high-profile case effects the victim's family as well as the city's political infrastructure.
"It's about the cops encountering people on the worst day of the citizens' life," Phillips told Deadline, which broke the story Tuesday morning. "It's a bit of an exploration of the middle class and the challenges we all face; it's a heartbreaking story about a family in a time of crisis and how everyone deals with it."
Phillips also compared the series to "ER" in that it will be set mostly indoors, focusing on character and dialogue more than action. "I can't wait to write those powerful and challenging scenes," he told Deadline. "It's all just character, character, character."

Source: LAtimes

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