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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dexter Showtime - Best Premiere Ratings in 15 Years!

Just, WOW! 
''There’s no denying that Michael C. Hall has a certain Dex appeal.

Case in point: ‘Dexter’s Season 5 opener carved out an audience of 2.34 million total viewers on Sunday night, making it Showtime’s most watched season premiere in 15 years (since ‘The Outer Limits‘).

The episode’s initial 9 pm airing drew 1.77 million viewers, while an 11 o’clock encore added another 575K.

The killer outing also represents a 22 percent increase from ‘Dexter’s previous season premiere night, and the most watched Showtime broadcast of 2010.''



  1. Με τέτοια νούμερα καθόμαστε εμείς και αναρωτιόμαστε αν θα πάει για 6η σεζόν...

  2. Πεστο ψεματα.. ειναι σχεδον σιγουρο οτι συνεχιζει κ του χρονου!

  3. Aναμενομενο οτι ειδικα η πρεμιερα θα πηγαινε καλα!!!